About Us

Our passion is audio and design and we strive to combine the two by bringing the best sound out of our portable, well-crafted designs. We want our customers to feel the music in such a way that they want to dance and sing to it. We design each of our products with distinctive design styles that move us.

In today’s industry, most companies outsource their sound development to third party factories that have very little involvement or expertise in sound development. They typically have strict launch dates which dictate when the product is finished in such a way that a good version of the product is never achieved. An "acceptable” sound is typically what they think they can get away with and what they think the customer will accept. We develop our products from the ground up and maintain offices close to or within our supply chain. Each of our products goes through multiple generations and modification phases until we are satisfied with our designs. We don’t have due dates, we want satisfaction for our ears.

We strive to bring different designs to market and give a broader choice to our customers. We don’t go for a “brand look” or colors, we try to make each of our designs it’s own look. We like to discover and create designs without any preconception of what a Tree-Labs design should look like, because we think curiosity and tastes are ever changing.

Tree-Labs is a Swiss brand established by a team of audio geeks. We come from places like Switzerland, France, China and Taiwan, bringing our own culture and know-how together to design beautiful pieces and professional audio solutions. Our backgrounds vary from audio engineering, manufacturing, and product design. We came together to create something different that was interesting and challenging to us. 

Contact us at contact@tree-labs.com